Attract Three New Clients This Month

17 November 2018

Just as every client is different and every coach is different, so too are the various lead attraction methods that coaches can choose to use. Some will work for certain coaches; some will not.

Here are three proven suggestions, all focused on building a solid networking and visibility base so you are able to get new clients quickly, whenever you need them.

Let’s start without delay:

1. Create New Packages

The premise behind this is simple: Offer a fresh coaching deal that has appealing benefits, tell your ideal audience about it—and sign up new clients.
The reality is not quite that easy. It involves coming up with:

• The right offer for your ideal paying client
• The right offer for you

The better you know your clients, the more you’ll accurately be able to guesstimate what your unique new package offer might be—but don’t leave it up to guesswork only: ASK your audience base. Create a simple survey and send an email, as well as publicizing it in other Pages and Groups you own on social media.

When you have the answers to your questions, create a package that offers new benefits in tune with their answers. And provide a simple but irresistible incentive to get your ideal clients to check it out.

2. Use Press Releases

Have you been creating press releases? If not, why? They haven’t gone out of fashion—particularly if you are guesting or want to guest on online or offline radio shows; or you are planning to run a local event. (If there’s an angle that benefits the community, your local newspaper will be interested.)
Just be sure to read and follow the guidelines of each organization you send them to (or—better yet—have your assistant to do that while you get back to coaching!)

3. Learn to Listen

As a coach, this is not news to you. Listening is part of your stock-in-trade. But immerse yourself in conversations everywhere and with everyone: Not just in your office. Focus on listening, acknowledging and sharing.
And listen more than you talk.

When you do talk, learn to say only what is needed. Hone the fine art of asking the right questions. After all, it’s about gently prompting clients to think up the solutions themselves (except for when you show them a safe path over a particularly rocky or dangerous set of rapids).

There are plenty more which I'll be writing about in upcoming blogs but these 3 are a great start to getting more clients.